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  Hall of Posters

Each poster a personality and a story of making, from photography to vector they must tell their story. Here is a showcase of variousworks in the format of the classic poster.

Weightless Architecture poster studies for an insteractive installation at the Venice Bienalle 2018.

↑ 01. Coca-cola illustration for the Brazilian World Cup 2018 / 02. Think With Google’s printed cover. / 03. Coca-Cola’s valentine’s day poster, using a frozen broken bottle with flowers inside.

↑ 01. N45 Negroni, for it’s new identity / 02. Dear Grain, the bread as the protagonist / 03. Almaboa is a brazillian cachaça meant to be gringo, sold in Canada and US.

↑ 01. Water experiment poster for Waterflux, Dubai Expo entry 2020 / 02. Alternative proposal for the 24º Rio Cello identity / 03. Eau de Parfum “Lily” poster, experimenting with leaves textures.

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