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WeTransfer teamed up with the band Jungle for the special release party of their new album Volcano in a special venue, Outernet in London, the newest home for music, arts and culture, a global media and entertainment district in the heart of London’s bustling West End. Utilizing the district’s state-of-the-art 16k+ LED screens and immersive technologies, audiences are presented with jaw-dropping audio-visual art, music and commercial experiences. 

At BUCK we developed the look & feel of the animations as well as the whole experience together with the WT and Outernet teams. I was responsable for the Art Direction and design exploration of the event throughout the different screens accros the venue. ✶2023


ECD: Vincent Lammers

Creative Direction: Richard Gray
Art Direction: Estefan Richter
Design : Estefan Richter, Rasmus Stenberg
Animation Direction: Joe Brooks
Animation: Laurentiu Luric, Otilija Morozaitė
Production: Bárbara Scatolini, Carolina Brandão, James Britton

In collaboration with: Outernet London & WeTransfer
Photos: WeTransfer Advertisement