︎︎︎A mix of experimentation ︎︎rejected layouts and ︎︎ visual research︎︎︎

Jewelry of the Apocalypse series. 3D Rendering + illustration + typography work.

Flutua – Digital Sculptures.
Gradient digital handmade collage.

A digital exploration using 3D modeling sourced from a LiDAR scan. Noisy grey.Let yourself float.
Floating ball.Reflections on the future and death.

 Concept for website based on Juntxs Visual ID.

Book cover concept design for Juntx VIS.

Tumblr loading screens into a composition.
Typografical experiments during quarentine.

My chains are made of glass__________I just have to break them.
All about that Balance.

Distortion on ship.Suave colors pattern.

Only dead fish  go with the flow. <*)))<

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